Thursday, November 27, 2008

run vegan run

I can spend a lot of time coming up with reasons to not go for a run especially when it's cold, dark and after days work, but last night I had a new reason to go running. Our local running room had some adidas reps with shoes to try out. The running room has a Wednesday night group run so the event coincided with their group run. So I finally did it; I finally went for the drop in group run.

It was pretty cold last night. It was probably around 3 degrees and I couldn't wait to get moving and warm up. I had to buy some gloves while I was there because the ones I wore were seriously inadequate. Then, I tried on a couple of shoes and settled on the Supernova Sequence which is a similar style to my Asics Kayano. They felt a bit firmer, but I decided to try them out. The rep handed me some free socks and I mingled in the group until we were organized into smaller groups.

I had planned to just take an easy run with the 5.5 k group, but as the group leader started setting up the groups, I jumped into the fartlek (speed play) group for people who run a "1:30 to 1:50 half marathon." Then, he said "even if you run a 2:05 half marathon you should go in this group." That sealed it. I know 1:51 was my last time, but was I still in such good running form? If they took 2:05 then I could do it. But we were such a small group of only five people including the pace setter. We started out together at what I would consider a brisk pace and then when the pace setter picked it up for the first time we started to separate. I tried to keep the two front runners in sight and they were really not far ahead of me, but I was running fast and I felt fine. The shoes felt fine which was a good sign. I was pretty happy that I kept up with the front runners. When we stopped at the last street light, I was able to run with them for the final block and chat a bit.

I was thrilled with my run and being able to keep the front runners in sight. I ran a 29 minute 5.5 k. This is reason enough for me to try and make the Wednesday night group runs. With a more flexible schedule at work I can go in a little earlier on Wednesdays so I can leave early enough to make the group run.

As for the shoes? Being about a hundred dollars cheaper than the Asics (of course I usually buy them on ebay for a lot less), I think I'll give them another try when I'm ready for a new pair.


Wandering Coyote said...

Boy do I ever admire your dedication to your sport!

red jane said...

Coolio! I love it! Nothing like free stuff and surprising yourself with pushing your limits- really proud of you!

Anonymous said...

It's fun with a group isn't it. It's a different kind of motivation. In my walking group I'm still pretty slow, but I see my progress and they are so encouraging. Good for you.

sp said...

Thanks you guys.