Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Train Vegan Train

I've got the running schedule, the shoes, the cold weather hat and gloves and the date of my next race, but I haven't been out yet this week. We're having a cold snap (don't laugh you easterners! I know, sis, it's minus 20 in Montreal) hovering around and below zero and brrrrr. I just want to stay in. Of course I'm on the concrete floor at work running around quite a bit so I'm fairly tired at the end of the day, but I am wimping out. Tomorrow I'll probably run at the gym on the dreaded treadmill and it will cost me 15 bucks because the drop-in fee went up, but it's still cheaper than a membership that would lock me into some crazy deal where I'd feel obligated to go the gym even if I didn't want to. The upside is that I like the weight room.

I've decided that i will make the Van city run a half marathon and focus on the longer distance for either the Scotiabank Van city run or a later one. I'm thinking about Victoria maybe...
We've got a big vacation coming up so I don't think we can afford to travel for any races and will have to stick close to home. This is fine since there is tons going on not far from home.

I've tailored my schedule so that db can help me with my speedwork/tempo runs on Sundays. He's sort of like a coach for me. Mostly he's support, but I've asked him to train me hard and I think he will. He use to train big football guys so I figure he can take me on. Or can he? I can be pretty stubborn sometimes.

Tonight I saw this group of maybe 25 runners all geared up in their reflective wear jogging along one of the side streets. I'm always amazed when i see such dedication and organization. I often think about doing such group runs, but I never really follow through (kind of my life story isn't it?). Anywho...they all looked very dedicated and hardworking. I may be a bit envious.


Vegan Run Amok said...

Eep! That's cold. I think I would opt for the treadmill, too.

I feel the same way when I see running or cycling groups! It looks fun and I feel kind of left out. I would worry about not being able to keep pace, though. Maybe later this year, though, if things go well. There are several early morning group runs each week that go out from a convenience store parking lot just a mile or so from here. I do think it might be easier to brave the morning cold (which is nothing like YOUR morning cold, but still) with a crowd.

Anonymous said...

In the cold weather, don't forget your ear berets. md

sp said...

I wore the ear "berets" yesterday and they were great.