Friday, January 11, 2008

redecorating the cat lounge

I've been painting. No, nothing creative just a little colour for the walls. The cat lounge/office/spare (guest) room has always had an unfinished look. After having new windows installed in the summer, our homeowner, mo, recently finished the trim on the windows that you can see in the bottom photo. The final step was to sand and paint the new trim that db and I said we would do. When we selected the white (who new how hard it was to choose a white) I decided to pick up a colour for the room as well. We chose a no VOC (volatile organic compound) paint which limited our selection slightly but not much.
Yesterday I started on the cat lounge windows and after I finished the first cover on the trim I decided to get the colour going on the walls as well which up until now were just covered with primer. Here's the colour. The tape is still on the edges because I'm about to do a second coat since it's a little thin in spots.

I wasn't sure if I should paint the "bulkhead" green or not. For now I've left it white to see how it looks and then I'll decide if I want to paint it too.


Vegan Run Amok said...

I love that you have a cat lounge!

Smirking Cat said...

I love painting! Nothing changes a room quite so dramatically as paint. And I ditto the fact that a cat lounge is really cool! Don't tell my cats, or they will want one too.

sp said...

Half of the room is blocked by this weird raised section that is about shoulder high (i'm about 5'7) and covered in carpet. I think it has something to do with the house's attached garage. I'm not sure why one of the owners decided to finish the room that way, but the cats like it. It was a natural magnet for the cats since they could climb up the wall and into the play area. However, the play idea didn't pan out with the sun beaming in. It soon became the cat lounge.

red jane said...

I love the color- the green looks great!