Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fifth Estate draws attention to the Chimpanzee Plight

The Fifth Estate on CBC broadcast Cruel Camera tonight that revisited it's program that was originally aired 25 years ago that showed what really went on in those "nature" shows (Mutual of Omaha, Disney) that depicts animals in their so called natural environments. What was revealed was that animals were intentionally placed in order to create drama and string a narrative together. While the filmmakers got the shot they wanted, it was the animals that paid the price with cruel treatment all for our entertainment.

Twenty-five years later the Fifth Estate takes another look, focusing on perhaps the most used animal in the entertainment industry, the Chimpanzee. I am so glad the Fifth Estate aired this program. It is important for everyone to know that whenever you see a Chimpanzee in the entertainment industry whether it is a circus, a t.v. show, a movie etc you can be certain that Chimp was physically abused in some way. You can also be certain that after their two or three years in the entertainment industry they will mostly likely end up in a cage or, as in the case in the United States, in a lab (the Fifth Estate didn't really touch on this area at all, keeping its focus on the entertainment side of the cruelty).

As you know I am a Fauna Foundation support and have raised money for that Chimp Sanctuary through my running. So while the information wasn't new to me it was still shocking and horrific to watch and hear about the abuse and suffering of these incredible animals that we are supposed to be sharing the planet with. I'm not sure why the Fifth Estate did not show the Fauna Foundation along with the U.S. Sanctuaries since Fauna is right here in Canada? I thought they would at least link it on their website, but when I checked the site Fauna wasn't linked their either. I guess I'll have to email them.

I urge you to click on my Chimp links on my sidebar to find out more.


Cynnie said...

when i was a kid i always wondered why they had to even catch the animal at all..why not just film them walking around ..
it never occured to me it was for drama..

red jane said...

I watched this last night- I wish I had known earlier it was on as I would've told my family and everyone I know to watch; it's too bad they don't get more ambitious with their reporting but in the end any increased awareness is better than none. I thought they'd mention Fauna but they stayed very U.S. focused.

Red said...

Unfortunately, I cannot play the video on the link you supplied, but I was wondering if you taped the programme last night, perhaps, and, if so, if you would be willing to send me a copy of the tape. I would be very interested in seeing it. Perhaps we could organize a swap of some sort?

sp said...

CBC is broadcasting the episode twice more this week so I should be able to tape it and send it on to you.