Monday, January 14, 2008

more from the workshop

Here it is. This is the latest project from my continued woodworking workshop. We thought the handle part of the caddy looked like the old telephone handles that were once so common.

This time in the workshop we focused on joinery, doing some practice work on mortise and tenon joints

so we could use the drill press and a chisel to pare out the rest of the wood, but for this little caddy we used biscuit joint. The biscuit comes in three sizes and once you apply glue to hold it in place, it expands with any moisture so it is a very strong joint.

I didn't even know a power tool existed just for biscuit joints, but of course it does and it is very very cool.
We also used the router table to rabbit out the bottom to inset the base layer. I think I fear the router table the most because of it power and I've seen the damage it has done to woodworkers fingers.

As for the design, the instructor gave us a template to work with. She had chosen a heart-shaped cut-out, but I thought it was a bit too cutesy for me. I was also feeling more confident with my skills using the scroll saw so I went for a floral design thinking I could use this carrier for something in the garden. As I expected I did enjoy the scroll saw. I'd like to work with that tool more often.

To finish it, I'll probably stain it with a colourful analine dye, even though the instructor suggested a tinted oil. I find analine so easy to work with and so easy to clean up since they're water based.

I definitely had more fun this time in the workshop probably because I was more comfortable using the power tools and felt a little more free to move around the shop and work on my project more independently.

Now I think I'd like to take a scroll saw workshop or maybe a carving workshop. I'll have to see what time and my work schedule permits.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Good job! Now I know what to get you for birthdays etc. Power tools. Right? Keep up the good work. md

mister anchovy said...

hey, you're doing pretty good!