Monday, January 28, 2008

News from Whoville

We got a significant amount of snow again while I heard in the city they got very little to none. db took this picture in the morning from our front window. It snowed the rest of the day.
The snow is so beautiful here. I know it causes a lot of grief for people trying to get around, but I love the fact that snow removal is almost non-existent here in Whoville so everything stays very white and fluffy looking for several days. We're supposed to get more snow overnight!

This past Wednesday db and I went to a Blues game! St. Louis was in town playing those Canucks. Why the Brian Sutter card image? Because I wore a vintage jersey from db's collection with Sutter's number and name on it. It fit quite well. Jersey's were made quite differently then (late 70s/early 80s -- I'm not sure when db acquired this jersey).

I felt a little weird wearing a sports jersey to an event like some sort of conformity had occurred. Yet part of me was so excited about seeing the Blues I didn't really give it too much thought. However, I almost changed my mind when I was hurrying around getting ready to go and meet db. I slipped on my sneakers without lacing them and had just finished drying my hair so it was frizzy and wild looking before I tamed it with some Neal's Yard and I caught myself in the mirror and was completely distressed at the image and said to myself, "I look like a hockey chick!" I actually looked like Garth from Wayne's World. I almost changed. Lacing my sneakers and taming my hair into braids certainly helped shake the Garth look.

Once at GM Place I was aware of keeping the big "reveal" hidden until we were in our seats. People were pretty funny in their reactions. We got a lot of laughs and sympathy when things didn't go our way. It was fun.

Both national anthems were sung. Usually I don't sing the national anthem mostly because I'm shy, but the chance for such a large group sing was pretty cool and I eventually sang a little. I'd like to learn the French version for next time I think. I guess only in Montreal they sing the anthem in French or both official languages.

The game itself was very exciting. We were in the upper levels behind the goal. The seats were great because it really is a great vantage point to watch a game. Professional hockey is unbelievably fast when you see it live and I loved being able to see the whole surface and all the line changes and interactions. I was impressed. The game ended in a shootout and we lost. Sigh. St. Louis was also robbed of a goal when they had scored and the ref blew the whistle while the puck was still in play. The people sitting around us were sympathetic when we all saw the replay on the big screen. Ah well, c'est la vie.

We're going again in March when St. Louis is back in town. I can't wait!


Red said...

I hear the Garth look is in again (which is kinda fortunate for me, since I share that gene), so maybe next time you should just leave your hair frizzy and untamed!

I've only ever seen one live hockey game, and that was NYPD v FDNY. They play every year, apparently, but the game I saw was the first after 9/11, so there was a lot of emotion in Madison Square Garden.

sp said...

That must have been a pretty emotional game.

I guess the Garth look is a nice change from my Jagger circa 1975.