Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Taser Study

Well a new study has just been released on tasers that raises more questions about their use. The testing was done on pigs. This is so horrific to imagine the terror and screaming of those animals as they were tasered with forty second shots! Not surprising all of the pigs' hearts were affected. Also not surprising was that some also died.
Now "experts" are saying that "human studies are much more relevant." Really? So why were animals tortured? I don't know. What are we left with? More questions and the suffering of more animals until someone is satisfied that tasers can kill. Now wait a minute...isn't that what happened at the Vancouver Airport?


Anonymous said...

Imagine the outcry if the they had done the tests on dogs or cats. It's the matter of fact way the CBC announces this horrific story that I find particularly if the cruel treatment of pigs is normal and necessary. md

Anonymous said...

I heard that report and was horrified! Jesus, what the f does it take to make people wake the f up??!!!! I am so sad that this is happening all the time.

mister anchovy said...

It seems obvious to me that nobody should have these weapons.