Tuesday, July 11, 2006


No, it's not my biological clock (I guess I wasn't given one when they were being handed out).
It's the week(s) going by. Some days race past me before I even take notice of them and then lo and behold the week is gone.
Moving day comes closer all the time. We've planned a small vacation before then, but I think more about moving than I do vacation. It's not hard to understand why that is. No one I know likes moving. What really irks me is all the stuff accumulated the longer I stay put in a place. I use to move a lot more frequently. When I was in my twenties I once counted that I had moved almost as many times as year I had lived. I'm pretty sure I can no longer say that being way up in my thirties now.
Anywho...I'm feeling better about moving because I've been checking out rentals on line and it's not as bleak as I originally thought. I actually saw a place for rent pretty close by and when I checked out the location it was the house across the street! I don't think so. It would make me crazy watching someone ruin the garden (or make it better). I'd be obsessed with how they were treating the house. I think at least a block away and further will be necessary.

Vacation. Yes, back to that magical place in the woods of N.B. Peace and quiet. The sound of coyotes, owls and loons. My brother wants to fish this time around. I said "I don't eat them, why would I fish them?" I'll be on the beach reading or lying in the hammock with Little Joe (my brother's Chihuahua).

While there, I plan to do the half marathon again, marking the year anniversary since I completed my first half marathon in the very same town. That did go fast, didn't it? I feel like such a young runner and I'm about to do my fourth race. All that time when it felt like I couldn't train forever and now...here I am running and the time has flown past me.

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red jane said...

Time is a funny thing, isn't it. I can't believe it's been a year. For a long time I was marking off the months one by one and somewhere along the way, it all just disappeared- in a good way. Anniversaries are good though when they bring you full circle and you can reap the rewards brought by the growth from that journey.