Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italy to the finals!

Italy is in the final!  Posted by Picasa

Yesterdays semi-final between Germany and Italy was a great game. It really could have gone either way and yet...I am excited to see Italy in the final. I am hopeful and cannot wait for Sunday. I don't care who they play (France or Portugal), I'm just glad they are there.

D. had hung an Italian flag on the porch. Unfortunately, someone stole the flag and I know it was one of the "Gummos" from across the street. Sure enough, after the game yesterday I see one of the Gummos come skating out on his inline skates wearing a flag around his neck. He averted my look in his direction. L. said she could see the rust spot on the flag that identified it as ours. Who steals a flag?

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red jane said...

What jerks, Stupid stupid gummos,grrrrr..... lemme at 'em! I nearly bought you guys another flag at Zellers the other day but I figured it too would be nicked- ther are more than one gummo, n'est-ce pas? I thought they'd go for a matching pair.