Monday, July 03, 2006

The lazy hazy days of summer

A long weekend. It was my birthday weekend as well. I had time to garden, run, play with the cats, watch soccer, visit with my mom, and the weather was good (albeit quite hot and at times humid). The last posting was also the day GiGi appeared. A little kitten has come into our lives and it's all working out. Prima is curious and the two play together. Svetlana keeps to herself and hopes they don't encounter too often. So...we have a new member of the cast! Welcome GiGi.

GiGi has since destroyed the tent she's pictured with (as you can tell from the photo, she's working on the dismantling of it) but we found a more suitable one at Ikea. No matter how many belly flops she does on the top of it, it doesn't collapse. So Super G can fly through the air and enjoy.

Prima seems to be very attentive. It's a good companion for Prima I'm sure.


My mom came to whoville for my birthday. I raced home from work to watch the Italy/Ukraine game and there she was. I wasn't totally suprised though because I thought I sensed something when I had spoken to her on the phone a few days earlier. Fortunately, mom loves soccer too (the fruit doesn't fall far, does it?) and we watched the game together.


Ahh, Fressen (, that heavenly vegan restaurant with the fine dining atmosphere. My birthday dinner was divine. Fressen's summer menu is more like tapas so the five of us dining together ordered 10 different dishes and it was overwhelmingly delicious.

We came home after dinner and had mom's gingerbread cake with whipped soy topping, raspberries and soy gelato from La Paloma A delicious birthday.

Now I'm enjoying the time with GiGi before I go back to work tomorrow.

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