Saturday, July 08, 2006

For this I'm grateful

The house feels right. Three cats is a good number. Svetlana finally gets some peace to sleep. She's now 18 and needs to live her life in peace without random attacks from Primavera. The addition of GiGi has brought balance into their lives. Prima now watches Gi's every move and the two of them play together, chasing one another around in the morning and evenings. Prima finally has her playmate and GiGi isn't a lonely kitten coming into a house all alone. She has other cats around her so that when we're gone all day, she's never alone. This is just the right mix for us.

Our weather has been so wonderful lately. We get humid days but we've had such cool evenings so it feels like a reasonable summer. We've yet to have a really long series of hot, humid days that make being in the house unbearable. This too feels balanced.

I'm adjusting to yet another work schedule. I've picked up more hours at L.V. I turned down a catering shift this week which is most unlike me. I say yes to all catering shifts. Something has changed. The newness of the job has worn and I'm becoming more selective like the seasoned employees that I've been working with all along. True, I didn't want to miss the soccer game tomorrow, but I also felt I'd reached a limit when I was standing absurdingly behind the faux child's lemonade stand at my last gig. I felt that there was a line crossed and perhaps too much asked of me. I need a break from catering, or from the ridiculous demands of some of the clients.

Our garden fills in more with each day. The changes are hard to keep up with. Tiger lillies have shot up everywhere around the base of the mulberry tree, purple coneflowers spread wider with each day, pink and white cottage roses continue to drop petals and reblooms, the purple and white hosta blooms jut straight up and away from their broad bases. The white lillies look almost too magestic for the rear garden and the hydrangea's round clustered blossoms have taken over the far corner of the garden, completely concealing any sign of the black compost bin. The ligularia's vibrant yellow long stemmed head bobs from side to side, leaning into the pathway. My geraniums I planted in tomato tins are two shades of pink and the more traditional red. I've decided to plant parsley in the other tins since our parsley hasn't fared well in the herb garden.
I can't wait to see what comes next.

I can't help myself from imagining how I would work with the garden now and still move things around, re-adjust some of our transplants from last year to give more of a balance to the shape of the garden, but the thought of moving keeps me from proceeding since I know this could be my last chance to just enjoy what I see. Stop and smell the roses, right? I'm trying.

D. is working on the pizza right now. I'm having pesto on my half. Our first fresh pesto of the season. I hope I remember to take photos to share with you.


red jane said...

Hey! I saw the last half of the game and now I"ve seen GiGi's namesake- good call! He's lovely and wonderful and it so fits for GiGi to be named after Bouffon! Well done!
Yum, pesto- what a marvelous creation. I came to it so late in life but I can't live without it now.

sp said...

Alas, my pictures of the pesto pizza didn't turn out as I would have liked. In other words, I ate my pizza before getting any photos.