Sunday, April 23, 2006

text imaging

Where should I begin? I keep flipping pages of my agenda, watching the weeks disappear. There are notes everywhere, work everywhere, chores everywhere and I'm somewhere in the middle of it all, coming and going, pausing for meals, emails, brief bouts of yoga. If I had a digital camera I probably would have just posted pictures at this point, trying to capture what my week has looked like:

an empty street intersection except for the front tire of a bike. In the background is a parking lot, light reflecting off car hoods and windshields. Over the lot is a large neon Barcardi billboard.

An extended green counter that runs 25 or 30 feet long with the employees perched at intervals along the counter some with customers, some wait alone.

A bouquet of flowers with a large butter orange lily in the middle. Eucalyptus shoots up behind and away fromt the white and pink daisies.

An ant moves across a yellow tile.

Svetlana (part of the cast) tucked into the grey fun fur. Her front paws extended out with her head resting between them.

A silver blade chopping garlic on a wooden block.

looking at a street end/intersection with a coffee shop in the centre.

A server's shoe in motion on the textured green tiled floor that looks like grass in the restaurant "live"

Prima (part of the cast) stretched out on the pink yoga mat

Looking up at the white paper Chinese lanterns lit up, hanging across a white ceiling

A messy desk.

A group of about 10 or more men and women all dressed in black pants, shirts and ties milling about against a brilliant pink wall. One woman fixes her tie in the mirror. Some of them are sitting on a counter and some are paired, talking to each other. Behind them is a rack of clothes and a punch clock.

A row of women at the gym on the eliptical machines while one woman runs on the treadmill behind them at the back.

A pair of pink hyacinths

A row of daffodils with a green fence behind them.

A stray cat tucked into the bushes, sleeping the day away

The sagging colourful fences along the alley behind our house.

The sky reflecting in the pond of a city park.

The playground on the Lakeshore (the same one I used in "from Human Resources")

Raindrops on the budding peach blossoms in the backyard

More later....

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Wandering Coyote said...

What a great list, sp. I see a story in each image, as I'm sure you do.