Monday, May 01, 2006

Cold in Whoville

Well I suppose you can only work so much before your body shuts down on you and says, "No more." That's what my body did. I didn't even know it was coming. Usually I can tell I'm getting sick and take the appropriate amounts of zinc and vit. C to ward off any illness. This time it snuck up on me. I thought my allergies were worsening and contributing to me feeling tired. By ten o'clock that night I knew I was done for. My planned 19 k run would have to be postponed, but maybe I could still make the catering shift if I just got enough sleep. Nope. The cold settled in. So, I missed a shift for each job and am home until Thursday when I go back to double shifts. Whee!

The cats are happy to have me home. Svetlana spent much of yesterday on my lap. We cat napped all day together. While Prima roamed around trying out different spots, following D. around and napping on her chair. From time to time she attempted to disrupt Svetlana's spot on the couch with me. D. and I did our best to let poor old Sve (she's 17 afterall) remain content where she was. As always though, Prima won in the end. Sve got up for a snack and Prima promptly positioned herself on the very spot Sve had abandoned. I was too down to really change the situation so I napped with Prima.

* * *

As always I miss the cast of characters and their mum. I just looked at pictures of them to remind me of how sweet they all are. True they are bad and get into trouble, but each one of them is very loving as well. I miss their antics and their love.

* * *

The garden looks quite beautiful. The front yard is full of tulips and hyacinth. All the small bushes are filling in green and red (in the case of the Sandcherry). The most spectacular discovery today is the blooms on the peach tree. Last year we only got leaves and I suspected it was due to the heavy trimming D. and i had performed on it. This year it is full of pink blooms which means we should get peaches again. I missed them last year. How nice for our final year with the peach tree!

Also in the back is a row of daffodils and a small flock of miniature red tulips. The rhododendron is also stunning once again. It's pale pink blossoms have exploded on the bush. The stout leaves can barely be seen beneath the hardy blooms. I am always amazed by this plant. I'm hoping I will be able to take it with me when we move, but that may not be the best thing for it. Everything is doing really well in the garden. Once we get our veggies in we'll have greenery everywhere. Red jane dropped off some compost from the rescue farm where she volunteers her time to help out. So we have plenty of compost. Normally, I would never use animal compost because who knows the source? These animals have all been rescued from slaughter or bad homes and are now living their live peacefully as it should be so I don't object to using compost from such a source.

I'd better get back to taking it easy. I don't want to overdo it. It's absolutely gorgeous out too and I'm missing out. I'll venture to the mailbox and back. That will be enough. Maybe i'll even poke around the garden a little.


red jane said...

Oh no! I am so sorry this cold thing has set upon you! What a drag! I 'm through it and it was a doozy for about 3 tough days, then just the residual effects-runny nose, puffy eyes, the good stuff. Rest up; I'll be seeing you back at work this Friday! Yikes!

Wandering Coyote said...

Feel better soon, sp! You probably needed some rest (that's why I think we get sick half the time - our bodies need a time out from every day wear and tear). I won't give you the liquids and rest routine because you know what to do.