Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I can actually do this!

With the Mississauga half marathon less than two weeks away I've been very concerned about my fitness level and if I'm trained enough for the run. I don't want to struggle through a run. Okay there is always some struggle, I don't want to suffer through a run. Also, if I'm not going to have fun then there's no point in doing it. Right?
after being sick and delaying my long runs, missing training sessions here and there, and working double shifts recently, I started to suspect that I was unfit, untrained, and unmotivated. I wasn't sure I could finish. Today I've changed my mind. I'm 3 days late doing my long 19.2 km run (my last long run before the race), but I set out with a route mapped out and lots of quick exit routes just in case my body or mind gave up and couldn't go further. However, I did it! I feel great and I now believe I can run the half marathon and finish as long as I keep the same attitude (have fun, run with specific goals, and allow myself an exit route if necessary).

I'll have fun because I love running and I love racing (I don't really "race", but they are called that). This morning during the first half of my run I decided to try and raise money for the Fauna Chimps (see the sidebar link for more info) because I want a goal beyond my desire to finish. As for the exit route? I just have to listen to my body to know if I can finish or not.

Now I just hope for good weather, a good night's sleep and a good run.

Oh, another important discovery I made...
I realized those last 3 kms that were killing me the last couple of weeks were due in part to refueling. Last year prior to racing, at the 45 minute mark I had GU. Gu is an energy gel that helped me through a long run and recoup better at the end. That helped today too. I also like the Clif Razzberry Sorbet shot. Pretty tasty for a gel and I've tried a few icky ones.

I'm just about to start another series of double shift days so if I'm gone for a while that's why.

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