Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vegan Crispy Rice Squares

Yum. I can't wait to try them. They're in the pan cooling as I write. I put in some lemon zest for fun, using my rasp to give a fine zest and I sprinkled some vegan, organic chocolate sprinkles on top just for D. (he loves chocolate). I bought the vegan marshmallows from Vegan Essentials with the gift certificate I won from Animal Voices in December. I used the gift certificate to buy my cruelty free contact lens cleaner that I can only find in the States and added on some extras such as: the vegan marshmallows, and make-up brushes from Ecco Bella. I thought I should try something fun with the gift certificate. They're a bit smaller than the regular sized gelatinized marshmallows, but they taste pretty close to the real thing. They're not as fluffy, but they worked great for the Rice Squares. I'll let you know how they taste. Wish I could post a picture but....old computer and no photo op buttons in this old browser.

The countdown to the run. I'm excited, nervous and hoping the rainy weather is kind to me Sunday morning. They're forecasting rain. I don't mind running in the rain for a race, but it sure is nice to run in good weather. At least I have a great motivator (the Fauna Foundation) to keep me going!


red jane said...

I am so curious as to how the squares turn out! I'm with you for the run on Sunday in spirit if not in person...I'll do a happy sun dance jig for good weather. How are the Ecco bella brushes? I'd like to replace my real hair ones I've had for years. I didn't know they had ones from Ecco bella.

sp said...

I only bought 2 brushes, lip and brow. I like them. I've never used anything but faux so I don't know if I can compare. I suspect that you can find the Ecco Bella brushes in town at either Whole Foods or Essence of Life since they both carry Ecco.
The squares are definitely crispy rice squares. They're good, but a little bland for me. This was not the fault of the marshmallows, but rather the cereal I used so I could have used some more flavouring. It was fun and it'd be a fun potluck item if you dress them up a little.