Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Rich, dark elixir I am enslaved to you. How do you get through 10 hours, 12 hours etc of work? Coffee of course! I'm back on the drip after being a tea drinker for the last....year? I switched to tea to get rid of those coffee jitters I was getting, leaving myself to indulge in the luscious crema only on weekends when my personal barista (D.) can froth up a soy chai latte for my delight (it definitely is an asset that D. works for a espresson machine company). Tea hasn't been cutting it lately. I love my blends of green and white teas, jasmine and darjeeling, but when headaches started to creep in I knew I needed a little jolt of espresso to get me through the second job of the day.

This morning I've started with coffee which I haven't done in a very long time and I feel like an addict, telling myself "just this once and then I'll go back to tea in the morning." Yesterday I had a shot of espresso between shifts and felt so great by the time I started job #2 at 4:30 that I felt I could do 15 hours of work. Of course by 11 it all hit me and I could barely move. Hmmm, should I be concerned? Am I going to crash and end up in line at a dreaded Starbucks. Ugh!

A new tea shop just opened down the street and I've been waiting for weeks for them to open and see what varieties they have, wondering what kind of organic teas they carry. This may renew my delight in teas and draw me from the drip -- the gorgeous, velvety espresso. Yummmm.


red jane said...

What timing- I've just gon eoff coffee! I too, am like you- I feel like a closeted addict; but I love a good cup, I do! And I'm a one-cup-a-day kinda gal, so I only worried when I pushed it past 4; sigh* I'll se how long I last...let us know how the journey goes.

Wandering Coyote said...

Never liked tea or coffee, really, though I do like coffee-flavoured things. And iced tea. My caffeine drink of choice is cocoa: pure cocoa powder, sugar, and milk.