Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today I ran.

Today I ran. My new shoes arrived from the States at a great discount. Mom and D. purchased them for me. They're last year's model but so what? They're great. I had some banking to do so I ran to the bank, beyond and then home. L.V. has taken up so much of my time lately that I've been too tired to do anything else. Furthermore, by the time I get home there's not much time to do anything but get some dinner, catch up on the news or watch the Blues. Most of the time I fall asleep on the couch. Sad isn't it? I ran and it was beautiful. Outside, crisp air and the stress of the day gone from my thoughts. I focused on breathing and my stride. My achilles ached a little at the beginning but by the time I warmed up I felt fine and by the time I reached my little who-Home I felt I could keep going a little further.

The job is going fine. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of product and product knowledge required. My co-workers are a good group of interesting people. They understand that I need to do my catering and seem to be flexible with that far so good.

The cats are needy when I get home and there never seems to be enough time to play with them or give them the attention they need. I'm off Friday and Saturday (I asked to have those days left open for catering since it's almost a guarentee lately that I'll be catering on one or both of those days) so I'll spend more time with kitties while doing fun things like cleaning the house! Oh joy! I will run outside again though and head right for who-High Park (my favorite place) and see how the gardens are coming along.

Until then...

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red jane said...

I hope you're out running- run for me too! All of the sudden, free time becomes a precious commodity, like water in the sunscorched desert; enjoy it. I'm glad to hear that the shoes arrived. Bet that makes a huge difference on the ankle and feet; and as for the kitties, I've learned that a little fresh catnip smooths over a lot of away time. Good news on your co-workers. That's more than half the battle in retail. Great people can make any job way more rewarding.