Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday Run

Why does 13 km of running feel as difficult as 16 km of running? Again, the last 3 kms were killer. We were so busy at LV on Saturday though that I was pretty well run off my feet so I went into my run somewhat unrested. It was a gorgeous day in whoville though. Again I sought out a new route and ran through a neighbourhood that was unfamiliar, but lovely. I hit the park towards the end. The last stretch to home was the killer part. Anyway, I did it. I do feel "under trained" for the 1/2 marathon but I still have a few weeks of training left so I'm not going to panic.

There were lots of people in the park this morning. More people than I expected were out on the streets, heading to church, stopping at the corner stores to buy easter lillies and other spring flowers. I did see some front lawns adorned with easter themed decorations as well.

D. had an awesome brunch waiting for when I returned. It was sort of like the Bournemouth breakfast I referred to earlier with some modifications. D.'s take on it, I suppose. Delicious coffee and what more could you ask for?

We also tended to the garden today, did a little tidying and put out our table and chairs. Soon we'll be having dinner outside again. I can't wait.

Nothing special going on around here for easter. We did buy some dark chocolate and I'm making potato gnocchi. I suppose the gnocchi are sort of egg shaped. I'm just enjoying the quiet in the neighbourhood and the warm weather.

Happy Easter.


red jane said...

I saw you! I saw you! I was in a car driving sounth just as you crossed the intersection and I said to my freiend driving,"look!" She thought we should yell, but I htoughthat might have spooked you, so I just grinned as we drove to the hockey game. You looked good, relaxed, even stride and you were close to home so I think the end of the run and still strong! Yay for you! I made a fabulous raw avacodo dark chocolate almond coconut mousse that I froze so I will have to share it with you for Easter running treats! You'll be in good shape for the half, I"m sure. Now that it's warming up ouside and with new shoes, it'll be so much better.

sp said...

I can't believe you saw me! My beet red face must have drawn your attention to the runner. Glad to know I didn't appear as tired as I was feeling. I always wonder what people must think when they see me at the end of a run. They must think "just give up, take up another sport."
The mousse sounds amazing! can't wait.

Wandering Coyote said...

Can you share your potato gnocchi recipe?