Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bad Day? Vegan Venting

I'm having a bad day. I don't know why. It's a beautiful warm, sunny day and I should be smiling more, but I'm just having one of those days. And whenever I have one of those days, inevitably the quirky customers make their way here.

This shop I work in is a little independent small business, and I do enjoy helping it stay afloat and grow (we're moving into a larger space in November). And it's true we are the only store like this around so there is some curiosity about what does a vegan shop sell, and I'm happy to give customers a tour, and answer their questions about the products. In fact, I love talking about the products because I use or wear so many of them, and am passionate about living vegan.

That said, I have some rules I'd like to post on the store wall, but since I can't because it would be rude, I think I'll post them here.

  • Please don't make excuses as to why you eat meat, saying you just want to look around to see what a vegan eats.  I'm happy to have you browse in the shop vegan or not.
  • No meat stories of how much you love your bacon, your chicken or whatever animal and the part of its flesh it is you eat, and that's why you can't be vegan. 
  • Please do not tell me that your doctor told you that you can't be vegan because it's not healthy. 
  • I'm the wrong person to ask, "but does it taste like meat?" I don't know what that means and I don't have the answer for that because I haven't eaten animal flesh since 1984. 
  • Please don't tell me that I look healthy, as if surprised by that.
  • Don't tell me that you're veg, but you eat chicken and fish...oh yes, and turkey on the holidays. I get it. FYI, that's not veg!!!!

I'm not sure if people are feeling uncomfortable or guilty or what when they say these absurd things. I'm trying to imagine myself going into a deli and saying to the staff, "I'm vegan, but I just want to see what a carnivore eats," or with much surprise in my voice "You're a carnivore? You look healthy." Can you imagine saying that to someone, as in a complete stranger you've never met?

Actually it's kind of funny to try and reverse these. It's making my day better already.

I just had to vent a little to help get me through this day. 


radioactivegan said...

I really want to say to someone, "You eat meat?!!??! But you look so healthy." Perhaps the next person who asks me what it's like to be vay-gun.

red jane said...

Hysterical- I got all wound up reading this until the turnaround at the en. Like radioactivevegan says, I"m gonna use that line on carnivores. It's so hard to not lose my cool when omni's start making excuses or feeling shame and need to vent...I didn't think you'd encounter much of that in the store but of course, right?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! This vegan is gettin' cranky. I'm soooooo bored and tired of the "healthy" line, yes, as if I'm supposed to be dropping dead from lack of WHATEVER.I hear it daliy, and just want to say: "Shut up"or "Guess how little I care" OR "You're losing me in 5,4,3,2,..."that one always gets them.Then they realize how they've been going on and on. Gee, did I just go on and on?