Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

db and I went to the hospital Saturday afternoon because all of the clinics around here close early on Saturdays, but it turned out to be for the best. While I was there I had a chest x-ray that revealed I had pneumonia. I know it's not good to hear a doctor tell you that, but I was actually relieved because at least I knew what I had, and could be treated for it.

So I'm on antibiotics for a week and they do seem to be helping as each day I have a little more energy, and am coughing less. One downside is that a side effect of the drug is headaches, and I'm getting one daily at around the same time that stays with me until I fall asleep at night. Not fun, but at least I'm getting better.

I hope to post more vacation pictures soon.


Captain Karen said...

It seems I totally missed your last post saying you weren't feeling well. :( I'm so sorry to hear you have pneumonia. Feel better sooooooooon! Snuggle up with a kitteh and veg out.

red jane said...

Ack! Awful, yet good news, in that now you know. Sending you speedy wishes of easy, restful recovery! xo