Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OMG! Lynda Barry is going to be at Van City's Writers & Readers Festival!

OMG! It's the same weekend I'm going to Portland to run the Columbia Gorge half marathon!

She's speaking on the Friday (the day we leave), so I might be able to cram that in before we leave. Ha! I'll have to be one organized whoville that week. I still have to ask for the full day off of work. (Right now I just have a half day off, but I think I need the full day to get ready to go away.)

The festival is also offering a workshop on the Sunday. It's a three hour workshop with Lynda Barry. What an opportunity to have some fun, get creative, and learn. Ah well...maybe another time, or maybe I'll take her workbook with me (Do You Wish You Could Write), and do my own workshop (6-7 hours in the car gives me lots of time).

That reminds me, I have this great picture of my sis on the beach that I took while we were in N.B. on vacation. She has her hair tied back, is laughing, and is wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses. I can't post the picture because I don't post pictures where you can identify people (personal choice), but for the record she reminds me of a Lynda Barry character. It might be the mirrored sunglass that gives her that eyes-with-no-pupils look that Barry's main characters have since they all wear glasses. Sis looks a little bit like Maybonne. My sis can probably relate to Maybonne, and many of us do, which is what is so appealing about Barry's characters. Maybe I'll use the photo as a jumping off point.

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