Thursday, January 07, 2010

lemon cashew crepes

This is the brunch book. You saw my photos of the Tofu Benny? Let me refresh your memory from my Christmas Day post.

There's been a recipe in the book that I've wanted to try, but was a little intimidated at the idea of making crepes. It seems silly because I've made injera, tortillas, and canneloni crepes. So could crepes be that much different? Yes.

I did have some success, but I think I would have had better success if I had the proper tools i.e. a thinner spatula, and maybe even a crepe pan. Yes, my regular frying pan worked okay, but it's a bit too large, so I couldn't get a uniform size to the crepes.

That's okay though because they were delicious.

The filling is a lemon cashew cream, and they were topped with a blueberry sauce. I put the traditional dusting of powdered sugar to top them off. I have to say it was all worth the effort.


red jane said...

Oh my god! They look fantastic! I don't what it is about crepes, but wow, something special. Another cookbook to procure, I see....

Anonymous said...

I made the crepes and I couldn't believe how good they were! I haven't trued the cashew cream yet but it sounds fabulous!