Saturday, January 30, 2010

this past week've been juicing every day! It's crazy. Even right now I'm craving some juice, but I'm just feeling a bit lazy about cleaning the machine.

I've realized that I need an extra 15 minutes in the morning so I can juice and then clean the juicer.
I make enough so when I come home I can have juice in the evening. I use to come home and have a beer.

For a week I was hooked on a beet, apple, pear, and ginger combo. It had that deep red colour from the beets, and the pear gave it a nice texture. It was the best.

This week it's been anything goes. I do find apple, carrot, and ginger is a good base to start with. Today I made pineapple, celery, carrot, pear, and ginger. I stopped taking pictures though because I don't want to bore you with endless pictures of juice.

As for the rest of my week...

The time flies by so quickly.  It's just one juice after another and then the week is gone.

Wildlife Rescue has been going well. I'm getting use to the routine of it. I've started working on my next level of volunteering so I can take on more responsibility. The staff are so nice and helpful. I can see myself volunteering there for a while. It does get quite busy in the spring so I'm glad I started in the winter when it's quieter so I can ease into the job.

There was red tailed hawk in this past week. I've never seen one so close-up before (probably a good thing). They are quite impressive. He stared at me as if he had no fear, and maybe even as if he could kill me.  The rest of the birds are mostly pigeons with the occasional robin or thrush.

Wednesday we went to see the Blues as they were in town to face the Canuckleheads (as we call them). db and I sat up in the nosebleeds and watched the game. I enjoyed it even though the Blues gave the Canucks two goals as if gifts. After that game I decided I wasn't going to watch hockey for the rest of the season, but they were in Edmonton next and I just had to watch because I suspected they'd win, and guess what?

The last 3 days have been work, work, work. I haven't had any time to bake or do anything fun like that. Maybe tomorrow I'll try a new recipe from my brunch book. I should make something nice for my day off, something to go with my juice.

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