Friday, January 01, 2010

Juice Vegan Juice

Here it is. This was the best gift ever. I've been juicing since I took it out of the box.

db got an excellent deal on the juicer, and jumped at the chance to bring this into our home.

It has a puree disc and a juicing disc, so I can do softer fruits as well (like bananas, mango, berries etc) and make smoothies right from the juicer.

This afternoon I felt like a little pick up so I made us some juice from pineapple, apple, cucumber and ginger. Delicious.

I love this machine. Is it possible to love a machine? Well, I love what this machine can make for us. 

A simple New Year's resolution is to make more juice!

I can't wait to make my first all veggie juice!


red jane said...

WoW! That's so exciting! And what a good looking piece of equipment, too- I'm intrigued by the 2 discs; so you can use it like a blender as well then for the softer fruits? Keep filling us in with the juicing it!

sp said...

I haven't tried the puree disc yet. I'll let you know. I'm going to peel & pit some mango after work and see how it works.

radioactivegan said...

I got a new juicer for christmas, too! please keep us updated on what works best for you; I'm looking for some delicious ideas.

Anonymous said...

That's the top of the line model. Mine is a step down,but a great machine!!!! Wow!!! have fun, you'll get addicted to it.
-sis, xo.