Thursday, January 07, 2010

Juicing fun

Mango, apple & banana. I tried the puree disc option that came with my juicer. We had one overripe mango, and one perfectly ripened mango; it was a perfect opportunity to try the puree disc.

The mango pureed pretty well. The smaller portions stayed pulpy so there were some chunky bits in the juice, but that was expected and we didn't really mind. The banana went through very smoothly. Blender? No thanks.

I switched to the juicer disc and added some apples to make our juice. Very tasty.

So, the puree disc was a nice surprise. It made a very creamy smoothie.

My next creation was an empty-the-fruit-bowl juice.

Our fresh produce box gets delivered once a week, and was on its way, so I decided to juice the rest of the fruit we had left. It was all pears left over in the bowl, and just one apple. I zipped some fresh ginger through (we love the zesty ginger flavour in our juices), and then added a carrot, a beet, and the fruit.
The beet gave the juice the beautiful colour. The picture actually doesn't bring out the full red colour that it really was. The beet was a little tougher to juice. I am reluctant to put any force on the food plunger since everything pretty much runs through by itself, and they recommend that you don't use any force, but the beet needed a little push. I think that's okay. Bottom line, the juice was refreshing, and felt like the pick-me-up I needed.

(P.S. db thinks I might be working for Breville because I take photos of the juice next to the juicer. I assure you I'm not working for them, I just like the backdrop.) 


Jeni Treehugger said...

Oooh yummy sounding and looking juices!
Happy New Year to you

Wandering Coyote said...

Nice! The Wasband had a fancy juicer but he made really weird, odd combinations that did nothing for me. Yours look delicious, however!

SME said...

Hmmm, after reading this post I may have to pull out my own juicer and do some fruitbowl-clearing. Yum.

Anonymous said...
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