Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Run Holiday Vegan Run update

I'm running, I'm running. I haven't written about my running much lately, and that was mainly because I wasn't running much lately.

I did take a solid 2 weeks off from running, and just did a little yoga to still feel like I was making some sort of attempt to keep in shape. Since Christmas day I've been back at it, building up my endurance again (how quickly it goes). Christmas morning was cool and beautifully sunny outside. There weren't many runners out that morning, and the one I did see wished me a Merry Christmas.

It was a little icy in parts. I had to watch my footing when crossing the creek bridges since they ice up a little. It was a glorious run. I hope to make it a Christmas tradition from now on.

We had such dry weather that I really was trying to take advantage of our luck. A couple of days after Christmas I ran, and it was another clear and frosty morning. I decided to run to the bottom of the hill towards the inlet because I suspected that the ground would be drier there. However, once down by the inlet, I discovered the sidewalks were more slippery that they had been at home. I tried to run on the crunchy grass until I went into the park where I could run the trail. The trail was hard from the ground freezing, but the traction was so much better. I ran until I thought I'd had enough, and then even managed to run up the hill home. That's the first time I've done that, and it felt fine! It took me almost 10 minutes to run up it, but I did it.

New Year's Day I wanted to have another run like I did on Christmas Day, but it was pouring. I stayed in, hoping to run later in the day, but the rain never eased up.

The Sunday after New Year's (oh that's this past Sunday!) I had better luck. Even though it looked pretty dark around our place, I could see the sky breaking up down at the inlet. I loaded some new music onto my ipod (Transglobal Underground), and headed out. It was one of those tough days when my legs feel heavier than they are, and all I want to do is stop.

I ran to the inlet with plans of running the trail again, but once there I had an achy calf and achilles so I thought I should ease off and stick to the paved trail with the strollers & cyclists. Without planning to, I ran further than expected. I knew I wanted to do a long run and went for it, forgetting that I should just increase by 10%. Oops. I was too far into my run to stop, so I kept going.

I'm a little sore today. Tomorrow I'll try to take it a bit easier and do a short run before going to the wildlife rescue.


Wandering Coyote said...

I have taken a solid 2 weeks off the gym and am going back tomorrow!

sp said...

Good for you!