Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and are all very stuffed with their favorite foods. Um...I forgot to take pictures of our dinner last night, but I can assure you it looked as delicious as it tasted. We had wild mushroom & butternut squash ravioli with a simple spicy tomato sauce. db brought out a Super Tuscan wine he's been saving for a number of years. It was smooth and warming. We also had a spinach salad with pear and balsamic. It was a nice simple dinner.

I do have a photo of our Christmas morning breakfast though.

I know, I know. You're saying, "what is it?" It's from my Vegan Brunch cookbook, and it's called Tofu Benny! I marinated the tofu, pan-fried it. The bottom is home fries with green pepper and onion. I opted for the home fries base over the English muffin, because I love potatoes and could probably eat them every day. I also didn't have any English muffins. There is also some tomato in the middle with a little liquid smoke, and on top is the hollandaise sauce, which was a little strange because it really tasted like hollandaise sauce! The texture of it reminded me of that non-vegan eggy sauce, but the flavour really was so much better.

db was impressed as well, and I always know I've come up with something good when he's impressed. He's such a good cook. 

It was a nice way to start our morning, and a great breakfast after my run.



Wandering Coyote said...

What a beautiful dish, sp! My hat is off to the chef! It looks gorgeous!

SME said...

The Tofu Benny looks pretty awesome. I've tried a few faux-Hollandaise recipes, but none have looked so good!

We had our traditional mushroom and wild rice soup (with pumpkin bread) on Christmas Eve, and Buddhist "chicken" with all the trimmings Christmas Day.

sp said...

Thanks WC.
SME: Sounds like a delicious feast. What's Buddhist "chicken"? I'm intrigued.