Saturday, December 08, 2007

some text for a change

I'm bagged. The Christmas rush is on and has been on for the last few weeks and I don't know when we'll get a breath at work. It's mayhem. On my feet all day and having to multi-task left me fairly brain drained by the end of the day.

In the middle of all the craziness there were some shining moments:

- a co-worker wearing a sleighbell that didn't jingle all the time, but occasionally I'd hear it somewhere in the warehouse and it would make me smile.

- Christmas potluck week one. We split potluck into two weeks since there is so much staff. The selection today pleasantly surprised me from the crowd that consumes a horrific amount of Tim Horton donuts and Wendy's lunches. Today there was a great selection of food and I'm vegan!

- another coworker made a beautiful centrepiece for our plain lunchroom table. It was decorated with fresh fruit, pinecones, ribbon and was three dimensional. It was incredible. He's a real talent.

- the bozo the clown punching bag. You know the ones for kids that you knock over and they come back up. Our manager brought this one in. He's taken some abuse this week (the clown not the manager). He's been decorated and has had a few notes attached to him that made me laugh.

- the end of the day. Coming home to db and the kitties and having a Newcastle (soccer) game on tape ready to watch. (We changed our satellite package so that I could get Setanta sports and see all of the Newcastle games. It's been so worth it).


This past week I woke early in the morning (or perhaps it was middle of the night I can never tell) to the yip, yip sounds of a coyote right outside our window in the front yard. Ambulance and police sirens were blaring somewhere in the distance and the coyote seemed to be reacting to this. Then s/he did a bit of a howl and yip and started to bark. I could hear the voice getting further away and knew s/he was on the street. It was very startling in the still night and by the time I was aware enough to wake db, the coyote was already well on its way, barking and yipping.

Odd but I thought of the cats and worried about where they were even though I know they are safely inside since they're indoor cats. I don't think Gigi even stirred from her cozy fleece tent.


As i've noted before I've started my Winter Reading Challenge and I'm wondering already about the list I posted. Since I was already reading Don Quixote when the challenge started I added it to my list. However, it is a lengthy tale and I wonder if it is going to take me the entire challenge to complete it? It really is an enjoyable read and very funny at times. I'm afraid if i put it down I'll not get back to it like I've done in the past. I suppose this is my challenge. On the WRC blog I posted that the challenge was going to be about finishing things I started so I guess I should worry less about finishing all the books on my list and just focus on the book at hand.


db is about to make vegan bagels! Today we start our Christmas food prep. Yummy.



Hot Lemon said...

vegan bagels? I mean, w/o the creamy cheez, ain't they ALREADY vegan? Or do you mean no YEAST?? (forgive, forgive, but my vegginess doesn't extend to microscopic animals)

I like the vision of a sleigh bell ringing somewhere far off in the warehouse. This was nice.

sp said...

Montreal bagels are typically brushed with egg white which makes them not vegan. Some recipes make the dough with egg and some don't. They are definitely brushed with egg.

Oh yes and I eat them with vegan cream cheese.

Karen said...

You're a Newcastle fan??? I heart Portsmouth!

I saw that Coyote (Wandering not yapping) has started her xmas baking as well. Oh goodness! Must be something in the air...Zombie Barbara made Nuts and Bolts yesterday and I made a banana bread.

Suddenly I'm hungry.

sp said...

Portsmouth? They've had quite a run in the last few years haven't they? It looks like they've got a little more money now and it's paying off.

I'm just going to start my christmas baking today.