Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas (cat themed) photos

Some people say that Christmas is for the kids, but here in whoville it is for the cats.

We had a little snow Christmas day. db and I went for a walk around dusk and headed further up the hill so we'd have a little more snow. The higher elevation makes just a little difference and up higher the snow was less slushy. We have several cat decorations on the tree. I like this one in particular because Gigi has a very similar basket that she sleeps in.

Svetlana marked the top of the tree. We've done this in the past, but this year it seemed all the more appropriate that she should be with us at Christmas in this way.
Prima amongst the snowflake garland.
Gigi attacks the snowflake garland. She's been doing this since I pulled it out of the box. I picked her up and she brought the garland with her, continuing her attack.

I taped the Newcastle/Derby game. Gigi watched some of it with me.
Then she got involved in the game.


Smirking Cat said...

Your cat will sleep in a basket? I get nice, neat baskets for our cats to sleep in, but they will not sleep on anything unless it's rumpled, messy and cluttering the room! I don't have the heart to take away their favorite blanket, but I've tried folding it, putting it into a large basket, anything to look tidier. They want no parts of it unless it's a big mess, so I gave in!

Red said...

I adore the idea of Svetlana topping the Christmas tree... what a wonderful idea.

I hope you guys had a fab Christmas, and most importantly, I hope 2008 brings you, db and the kittens lots of happiness and serenity.

sp said...

Oh Smirking believe me the basket is a mess. The handle has all been chewed and scratched and there's a black fun fur blanket that is coated with about a half inch of cat fur. Like you I don't have the heart to take away their blankey.

Thanks for the well wishes red. I hope you and asterisk had a wonderful holiday and that you have a happy new year with the delightful Cat of course.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Oh, the television picture has me laughing!

My significant other grew up in Toronto. His dad, who still lives there, has a now ancient cat named Puck.

These are fairly literary-minded people, and for several years after SO and I started dating, I assumed Puck was named for the Shakespearean character.

I mentioned this to SO's dad one day when we were up visiting and he said, "Oh, no! It's because when he was kitten, he used to sit on top of the television during Maple Leafs games and swat at the puck!"

Ha ha!

sp said...

Vegan Run Amok that is too funny.