Wednesday, December 26, 2007

it's here!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm a little late I know but I do hope everyone had a nice holiday.

Yes it's here. The ultimate vegan cookbook (hey that's part of the title!) arrived under the tree (yes, we did say "no gifts". db and I did hold up the bargain, but we both know each other just that well to know that the other would buy one thing). Here it is. I will sing it's praises only after I've tried some recipes, but I've read through a good chunk of it and I have to start singing praises now because it is an entertaining read as well. If you've ever ventured over to the post punk kitchen blog you'll know what I mean.
For now you can see some pictures if you click here.

More later.


Karen said...

Thanks for the comment you left over at my place today! I love visiting your blog, especially when you talk about all the great things you and the db have eaten recently. Mmmmm. As for Veganomicon, I keep hearing about these chickpea cutlets I'm dying to try and today I used the link you provided to the flickr photo set...mmm the pound cake, the moussaka, the waffles, the enchiladas, the parsnip salad, the shepherd's pie. Holy crap...the blueberry brownie! And the bean cassoulet. Oh lordy, I'm gonna have to buy that book.

red jane said...

I'm so glad you got that book! I am anxious to hear all about it- and all of the kitty xmas photos are brilliant!