Wednesday, December 12, 2007

do what you can

When you try to cram everything into your one day off at some point you have to realize that it just can't be done. You have to slow your pace down and finish what you can.

I've also been applying this to work. We are so incredibly busy at work that at some point yesterday I said to myself that I have to just get done what I can. There are so many orders coming in from so many directions (web, phone, delivery) that it is impossible to keep on top of it. I kept thinking at some point I'll catch up and get this done, but I never did. Near the end of my shift I was mentally spent. I couldn't focus on one thing for too long because I was just too exhausted to get anything else done.

Last night I fell asleep in the beginning of the second period of the Blues game (we had it on tape and were watching it after dinner). db tried to wake me when they scored but I found it impossible to keep my eyes open. I went to bed. I watched the rest of the game today. For some reason I thought db had told me that the Blues won 4-3, but when I watched the game today they did anything but. They lost to Edmonton in a shoot-out. I was completely suprised by this. At least I gained some points in the hockey pool and moved out of last place.

With all that rest last night, I had a little extra energy today and went to the gym for a fast paced run on the treadmill. I felt I could break the 8 minute mile today, but I didn't push it that far. I did a short fast run and had a good weight session in a relatively empty gym. I love having the weight room to myself.

I'm considering running in mid-February in the "Fort Langley Historic Half Marathon." It might be a bit of a motivator and a good way to warm up for the 2008 running season. I've had enough down time. I'd better decide since I need to start training asap.


Baking is something I haven't done much of lately. Today's vegan choc. chip cookies (db's favorite) were a bit of a warm-up to my Christmas baking. It was too overwhelming to dive right into Christmas baking in my one day off so I thought I'd wait for the weekend and just do a warm up and get those choc. chip cookies done. They turned out great so I guess I'm ready for a sugar cookie now.

Finally, I'm posting this photo because my mom asked me to. I just found this picture while going through my photos and labelling them in preparation for storing them on discs.
That's our dear sweet Svetlana in the middle who is no longer with us. She passed on in June. Gigi is on the right snoozing away and is as aloof as ever. Last but not least is Prima on the left with her smirk on. This is a rare photo because these three were hardly ever seen to share the same space, which is probably why we reached for the camera. Svetlana and Prima did sleep next to each other only because Prima is so territorial that she would find Svetlana wherever she was and park herself next to her (that is if she didn't swat her away first). Anywho, I thought I'd share the photo. I've put it on my desktop for now.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture. You would think that three little friends were just hanging out together. I've always wanted cats that curl up together like Rupert and Penelope...but then again, one has to suspect that Penelope has ulterior's really cute anyway.

Red said...

That's good advice about doing what you can, without killing yourself.

"And I have learned that nothing is as pressing as the one who is pressing would like you to believe" say the lyrics to one of my favourite songs.

Cats on sofas are wonderful, what a combo. We always go ooh and aah when ours climbs on it, which used to be a rare occurrence, but is becoming more commonplace.

Do your cats allow you to pick them up and relocate them on your lap, or do you have to sit on the floor until they decide to move and/or make room for you? We go for the latter (obviously).

Smirking Cat said...

If they are like my cats, they are greatly displeased by any relocation that was not initiated by them personally :)

sp said...

red: I like that quote. I have to remember that one.
Prima is the only cat that will let us move her and quite happily. Gigi thinks that's crazy!

md: Penny always has an ulterior motive. She's the smartest cat I've ever met, but then she did survive 7 years or more on the streets of Montreal.