Monday, December 31, 2007


I've been reading other blogs with reviews of personal growth and change and everything that has happened to these lives over the year. I didn't want to look at my past year.

Actually I usually do a year review on my birthday in June, but reading others reviews and listening to the radio review the year of events whether entertaining or political (or both) did lead me to reflect on my year.

A quick reflection led me to "oh crap I'm still in the same job I said I wouldn't be in" and I ended it there.

More reflection led me to "wait a minute" I ran a freakin' marathon this year for the first time ever and I then went and did another one!

This led me to "oh yeah I really had a pretty good year."

So here are some of the highlights (most of which seem to be running related):

  • ran my first marathon with my entire family present and in one of my most treasured places on this earth, Tofino.
  • My sister and I also raised over 800 dollars for the Fauna Foundation from those that supported our Tofino run. Thanks again everyone!
  • ran an amazing time in the Vancouver half and felt great doing it.
  • ran a half marathon getting positive nods from other runners for my form and pace. This was the first run I did completely on my own without someone at the start or finish. I had to find a way to motivate myself.
  • ran another marathon and improved my time by 8 minutes!
  • db let me know that he was committed to being vegan.
  • set up a pretty incredible garden with not a whole lot to work with.
  • learned to love running hills.
  • reconnected with a university pal that I hadn't seen in years that led to story editing work and a our renewed friendship.
  • found a new passion for reading mostly thanks to joining the fall reading challenge.
  • took my first woodworking course and built a little stool. It's ab it wobbly but I loved the course. (I'm about to take a second one in January).
  • got to travel a bit in BC and it reminded me of how much I love this place. I spent so much time wondering if I would ever get back here and now that I live here I'm constantly awed by it's beauty.


Karen said...

WOW. When you lay it all out like that, you've had quite the year haven't you? Congratulations on all your accomplishments in 2007!!! Speaking of Marathons, I might attempt the half again this summer, provided my knees hold up :)

Vegan Run Amok said...

Happy New Year, SP! It sounds like you had a great year! Wishing you more successes in 2008. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

That is a pretty incredible year, especially all the running stuff. And I know you just don't go out and run these events, either; they require a lot of training.

Do I know this uni pal you reconnected with?

Happy New Year!