Sunday, September 02, 2007

back to fluville

Yuck, I'm not feeling so great. I left work yesterday feeling woozy and chilled. The signs were there and I gave into them by the time I finished work. I couldn't wait to get home and go to bed. It was a bit of a rough night, but I'm feeling better today. I just have very little energy.

Of course I run through the list of possibly life threatening illnesses I might have even though I know it's the flu. Is it West Nile? Avian flu? Norwalk? Is it a new kind of SARS, something that has yet to be named? Is it a sign that I've got something worse like a failing kidney or some other organ (it doesn't matter I always imagine some worse case scenario)? None of these options seem to have come true so I'm just sick with a regular ol' 24 hour flu.

Prima loves it because I'm not moving much and she can sleep next to me or on me whenever she pleases. I've never met such a needy cat. It's very sweet really.

My plans to run 30 k this morning are delayed, so I'm going to try tomorrow. It's been a fairly nice day today so hopefully we'll get a window of no rain tomorrow and hopefully it will be while I'm on the run.


Oh yes the windows. Did I mention that already? The new windows are in and we've got extra light in the living room and now that window opens to let in some air. Finally. Once the finishing work is done I can set up the cat post near the living room window so the girls can have easy access to the ledge.

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