Friday, September 14, 2007

encounters this past week

Time flies when you're doing what you love. I had two days away from LV which was great and I spent my first day off working which was also great because I was doing what I love, and doing what I've wanted to be doing since I left school. It's nice to actually work for yourself. I hope I can keep it up and that this job leads to more.

Because I had met up with a friend from university who I hadn't seen in a couple of years I was able to meet up with this director she's worked with and she put the two of us in touch. The next thing you know he's got some story editing work for me. Like I said, I loved doing it.

I didn't have much time for the garden or really much else, but that's okay. I checked on the toad lily to make sure it wasn't starting to bloom without me noticing. The garden changes daily and I hate to miss it, but one of the nice things about getting to work at home was that I could take my work outside for a bit of a break from the computer and sit in the backyard and continue working there. It was idyllic really.

* * *

On Sunday I ran 30 k. I had intended to run 32 but there just wasn't enough in the tank. I was ill prepared, feeling kind of crappy when I went out, and it got pretty hot as the day started to get going. On one of the trails I did keep meeting up with another woman runner with her dog (Taz) who was having to stop every now and then because Taz had to stop and sniff or run into the water or check out another dog. Anyway we did pace each other for a bit which was encouraging. I even got to run just behind Taz for a little bit which was fun. I could tell the woman was a distance runner by her form, her stash of water bottles she had with her and just the shape she was in.
The night before I had told db that I was a bit nervous having never done a 32 k run on my own since he use to cycle with me or I'm usually in a race when I go that distance so I'm never really on my own, there's motivators around and I'm use to that. So this encounter with this woman and her dog (Taz) was a welcome distraction from the road and trail ahead. While I didn't have a great run this past Sunday, I've got a second chance at the 32 k distance for this coming Sunday and I'm already feeling more positive. I'm taking an extra water bottle and more fuel to get me the distance. Maybe I'll even see Taz again.

* * *

db's birthday is tomorrow, but he's been showered with gifts already. I got him a bread book that he had on his wish list. It arrived just in time. The book was shipped to his work address so he got it at work this morning with the card and was completely surprised. I love surprises. Then when I got home a package from my sister was waiting at the door. She filled a box with gifts for the two of us. db got some very nice running socks. Sis made some beautiful jewelry for me. I'll have to get photos of the jewelry and post.
Also in the package was a cd with photos my mom took when we all went to Tofino together so I had to add in these pictures of sis and I on our big run. I love the one of us on the road. She had finished her race and I was still working on mine so she ran a bit with me. It was such an amazing moment.
This is us on the dock in Ucluelet doing some post race stretching. We all took a bit of a break down on the dock and watched some of the seals and eagles in the area. That was truly an amazing day to have the whole family together and to be in such a gorgeous part of the country together, each of us having new experiences individually and together. Very memorable.

I've been reading My Sister My Self for the Fall Reading Challenge so when I saw the photos of the two of us I couldn't help but think about what a special relationship we have and how lucky I feel to have a sister and to be a sister. It really is a unique bond.

This last photo was taken on the ferry home from Tofino and the beautiful sunset we encountered. The sky was stunning that evening. Mom took this picture of db and I walking on the deck.

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