Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Run Vegan Run

It feels like the running season could keep going with the gorgeous weather we're having, but I know it's winding down and I'll be taking my break after Kelowna.

This Sunday I'm running the Trail River Run. It's a 10k and half marathon distance so I signed up for the half since it works well with my training schedule. I have run most of the trail although not all at once, but I think I know it pretty well. It's pretty flat and well maintained, nothing that would truly require trail shoes. I'll be fine in my running shoes. It's a fairly small event so there won't be a lot of us but there will be runners and there's nothing more fun than running an event with a bunch of other runners (really, it's true).

I'm still working out fueling myself beyond basic water. I can't figure out what really works for me. I'm so hesitant to take any gels again and yet I took one gel this past weekend and felt fine. Tomorrow? Who knows? All I do know is that I need to figure something out fast before I run Kelowna because it's a long, long distance. I'll probably risk the gels, going with the ones that have had the most mild effect on me in the past, and perhaps carry some pretzels for the midway point.

Today I had a good run up the hill and then down to the park where I did some laps around the park and played around doing fartleks (fun to do and to say). Just in case you don't remember me talking about "fartleks" (I think it's a Swedish term) I'll define. It's a way to train where you run as fast as you can for a certain distance and then jog for a bit before going full out again. It's fun because I just look down the road or trail and pick my mark and run as fast as I can to get there. I almost certainly did that when I was a kid just for fun so it's no surprise that I enjoy it now. Today I noticed the importance of my core strength to maintain my speed. Maybe this could be a fun way to strengthen my core without doing tedious ab exercises?

After my laps around the park I picked up my pace for the last few k just to push myself out of my comfort zone. I haven't said it before but I'd really like to finish Kelowna in 4 hours and 20 minutes. That would be 10 minutes off my Tofino time which seems completely illogical and improbable. I'm hoping that those tough hills of Ucluelet really made the difference in slowing me down for the last 8 k and that Kelowna will be flatter and more forgiving and I'll find a way to get to the finish in 4:20. Two weeks ago I thought I'd give up and just told myself that I only wanted to finish, but I always want more. If I didn't I wouldn't be able to go out and train on those days I really don't want to.

So let's all think 4:20 together and get me to that finish line.


Anonymous said...

You can do it. I have faith in you. But, that being said, remember that just running that distance is incredibly admirable in itself. I'll be checking on line to see the results. And I'll be proud of you no matter what. md

sp said...

thanks as always md.

Karen said...

Good luck today!!