Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kentucky Fried Cruelty

Nothing makes me angrier than this horrific fast food nightmare. Okay, anytime animals suffer for human greed makes me angry. Okay, anytime animals suffer makes me angry. Anywho...I've always hated "dirty bird" as we call it and when one was planning to open up, coupled with Taco Hell, next to my supermarket I was livid. It happened. Taco Hell and Kentucky Fried Cruelty opened. That whole area stinks now like death. I'm always astounded when I hear people say "that smells so good." Huh? I guess I've been so far removed from the fast food scene that all I smell is burning fat and oil and all I think about is tortured animals.

Yesterday's Sun made me very happy when I saw this story. PETA is launching a tv add in Vancouver to boycott KFC in Canada. Woohoo! I tried showing the article to someone at work and she said "I can't read that I don't want to know." There's the problem right there. People have an idea that something awful is going on but refuse to look and see what exactly is happening to animals. Just go to PETA's website or Farm Sanctuary's website to find out a little truth.


red jane said...

I was happy to see this post as I've onlly just read about this in the Globe online- apparently many states and provinces refuse to run the ad because of it disturbing imagery. Hmmm. But it's not a fabrication of anything- it's the reality of the situation. Strange, i know, that so many just "don't want to know"....I too, don't get that. Once I knew, once I read and saw the images I could never go back.Oh! And I am so excited about the new windows! YAy! Can't wait to see the place!

sp said...

"disturbing imagery?" Do they watch the news at night? Bloodied and lifeless human bodies are not uncommon on the news.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we feel we can only talk to the converted. And as I have often said, I have many well informed saavy friends, and relatives, I might add, who like to tease me about my veganism...I suspect it helps them to feel less uncomfortable about what they suspect but are afraid to know. md