Monday, September 10, 2007

garden update

We just came in from watering and I thought i should get one shot of the garden anyway so you can see how it has progressed. M. finished the retaining wall, but he still has to finish the front with some rockface he's mentioned so we'll wait and see if that happens.
It is starting to fill in quite well. I've got fucshia's on either side of the wall and they have been blooming since I brought them home in April.

This is what I'm really excited about though...the toad lily! Here it is just getting started. It's the only lily I know of that blooms in the fall. My sister introduced it to me last year and I couldn't believe what a unique plant it turned out to be. We moved last year just as it was starting to take off. I was so happy to find one here and I've been watching it closely to make sure it has all the right conditions. It seems happy doesn't it?

There will be more photos of this to come.

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mister anchovy said...

lovely lily!