Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2 minutes to blog

It's a quick post. I'm packing daily and rearranging the apartment to suit the needs of the realtor and my sister to sell the house. We still have much to do! Packing and then stacking the boxes in the garage has given our place an echo. The walls are now white, folded cartons lean in corners, waiting to be packed, labelled and stacked. The rooms suggest transition and reflect how I feel, unsettled.

Seven years ago this month we moved into this apartment and lived in one room while the rest of the place was worked on. The basement and kitchen floors were laid and we painted the entire apartment. It's been quite an interesting time here in the little Portugal area of whoville. Now we're venturing into something new. I'm both sad to leave and excited to be going to a new place and my days presently contain both emotions. I've been scanning craigslist for apartments (well, "suites" as they're called out there -- I'd forgotten about that) and looking into moving estimates.

Tomorrow I start a series of double shifts so I'll have to pretend that we're not moving just to get through my long days. Otherwise I'll worry myself thinking about all I could be doing at home to get things done.

One box at a time, right?

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Wandering Coyote said...

Ah, the joys of moving. It's not just packing and cleaning; there's lots of feelings involved, too.

Good luck to you!