Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Moving Blog

I suspect my posts will be about nothing but my moving concerns and panic attacks. I'll try not to get overly obsessive about the little details. Ha! That's who I am. I can't help but be overly obsessive about small details. When I first started to write stories I would spend hours on a paragraph obsessing about words and word order and punctuation. I was like a poet! Fortunately, I was forced to venture further from the word on the page so I could complete a story. However, at some point you still have to obsess about the small details. There may be a lesson in there somewhere as in: if you get caught up in the details you won't see the larger picture.

...but what do I do with 200 books sitting in the middle of our living room? Who will want these books? There are weathered and worn looking student copies of Shakespeare's plays, volumes of short stories bound under a common theme, D's Malcolm X collection and his JFK conspiracy books.
Then there are odd little pockets of obscure topics from books I collected while researching my thesis. What do I do with a collection of VHS tapes? They're bulky, worn and don't come with commentaries like a dvd. Plus, they're even a strangers collection of titles (again research and then there was the walmart bin I couldn't say no to) such as Child's Play 3, Nell and the Devil Bat.

I will find homes for these things whether it's a second hand bookstore or the shelves of Value Village.

In other news...
I'm caring for redjane's kitty redFred while she rides the surf in Hawaii. I tried to blog while I was visiting redFred, but couldn't figure out redjane's computer so I just played some solitaire while redFred purred on the bed. He's such a sweet kitty. He just loves being around me and only wants attention. He purrs constantly. He reminds me of one of the cast of characters in the house, Rupert. They're both tabbies too. Anyway, redFred is quite the character and since I saw him last, he's learned to use his voice a lot more. He's quite chirpy and didn't hesitate to come out and see me this time. He use to be quite shy and it would take a lot of coaxing to get him to come out and visit me, but now he's right out there and rubbing against his post and ready for a brushing. He didn't really care for me on the bosu ball. I think the added height freaked him out a little so I'll wait until he's settled down on the couch before attempting anything else on the bosu.

Our cast of characters here at home have no idea what they're in for. West Jet is the only airline that will permit pets in the cabin. I read somewhere that they do have pressurized cargo now, but there is no way in hell I'm putting our cats in cargo...been there done that and won't do it again. Can you imagine putting our 18 year old frail little Svetlana in cargo with suitcases? No way. So, West Jet will allow pets in the cabin (yay!) but you can only have one pet per person and only 4 kennels are allowed on any one flight. Hmm...two people and three cats. Again, I'm not sending one cat to cargo while the others fly with D. and I. As I said to my sister that's like Sophie's choice. So we're trying to find a third person who is willing to fly out with us at our expense (of course). There's more to this as well. The existing carriers we do have are too large for in cabin transportation. West Jet has specific measurements for the carriers that we need to abide by and a maximum weight as well. This is a small detail, but I need to sort it out as soon as possible. I'll start with the kennels and then once our tickets are booked we'll buy one for our third mystery person. I'll give that person Gigi to carry since she's only a kitten and the lightest.

Just talking about this reminds me that I need to get going and look for a deal on those kennels as well as get back to packing. I've made a lot of headway this week. September will be extra busy with lots of catering so I need to get as much done as possible this week. Time for a list...


Wandering Coyote said...

You wouldn't believe all the books I left behind in O-town when I moved. I sold what I could at a garage sale and the rest I donated to a literacy project for people on the streets. I'm sure there's something similar in Whoville. Books are hard to part with, I know, but they are so expensive to move, too. But I'v discovered that many of them are replacable on the cheap at places like the Sally Ann and Value Village.

red jane said...

Oh, I turned off the modem while I left- that's probably why you oculdn't figure out my computer! I shoula left a note. After having flown through the west coast recently I completely agree with your decision to have the kitties on board with you. It's too tough on them underground in the hold. I'll keep my eyes open ofr carriers, too.