Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vacation time Vacation mail.

Vacation wasn't even on our agenda this year. Knowing that we would be moving this year (possibly to a new location) we decided that vacation was out and we'd use that time for moving. Then I started a new job that requires me to be available all the time (it's not catering after all) so I didn't even consider time away as an option. However, it's all become possible. I was able to book the time from work and D. just happened to book a car in May or sometime when the rates were low (just in case) so we're about to load up the car and drive to N.B. We'll camp for a few days and then I'll run the Marathon by the Sea and then we'll head back home. I won't be blogging so much, but you're all use to that.

I created an automated email vacation response message earlier than needed because I barely check my email now (apologies to those whom I have not responded to, but here's my blog). Of course I'm on lots of lists for my various interests (some of which are listed on my sidebar) and when messages from these lists enter my Inbox my automated message goes out, which in turn generates an automated message from the newsletter address or whatever letting me know that I can't respond or it doesn't appreciate an email to that address etc. So there's this little communication going on between addresses with no people tending to them at all. Somehow I find this comforting to know my email goes on with out me. It no longer needs me. I may start doing all my emails this way, generating new autmated responses such as, "Hi (please fill in your name here), it was so nice to hear from you. I am well , thanks for asking. I am very busy as always. How are you and your (significant other and/or family and/or cat(s))? We'll talk soon." So if you get one of these it doesn't mean I don't care.

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Wandering Coyote said...

Hope you're having a good holiday, sp!