Saturday, August 26, 2006


Well, it's official we're moving west to a whole other whovillian province with lots of rain, big trees and mountains. D.'s job is giving us the opportunity to be closer to where we've always wanted to be. It did all happen quite suddenly. At first we thought we'd just be moving in house (as in upstairs) after my sister moved west, or maybe moving to a new location in town. However, it finally became clear that D. was going to relocate within the company to the west location.

Even though he told me it was something he was interested in I never took it too seriously because I didn't want to get my hopes up or think about it too much being busy with my life here. I was trying to keep focused on what I wanted to do while living here. So when D. came home one day and told me the move was going to happen, it did come as a surpise and a shock. My immediate reaction was excitement and anxiety. Finally, we could go and knew where we'd be moving to, but oh my god we'd be moving far away to a whole new town!

The timing seems about right. Last spring I decided to give myself until this September to see how I was making out writing, filming and story editing. I had decided that I would re-examine at this time and determine if we should stay put or set a new goal that would involve looking across the country for any opportunities. True, my goals have not been to move location to work at LV in another part of the country, but LV will transfer me which saves me having to panic looking for a job. I am grateful to be working for LV right now. At least I know I'm in a good company that treats it's employees well.

Yesterday and today, we painted for the sale of the house. All our belongings have been shuffled into the center of our two main rooms so that we could paint. I hope I don't have to paint anything again for a long time. With luck our new place will have all the colours we like. That could happen right?

Again, I can't believe the amount of stuff we have. There's not much point of going into it since I've already blogged that one.

Two days ago one of my horoscopes said that the next 6 weeks were going to be overloaded with the amount of things I would have to do and that I'd be running around like crazy. Sometimes, just sometimes, those things seem to be dead on.

I realize now that there's people I have yet to speak to about the move. It was hard telling my mom since both my sister and I are moving west in the same year now. I started this post yesterday but didn't want to publish it until I told my stepdad. We'll be a ferry ride away from him in no time. I'm looking forward to that. My brother was pretty upset, but I know I'll see him as much as ever. I still want to travel to NB to camp and do my favorite running route.

That reminds me...
there's a whole new set of running paths to explore, trails to discover and races to conquer. Just one more thing to look forward to.

There's much to miss from here as well. When I left the we(s)t coast seven years ago I took a few things that reminded me of what the place meant to me. Now, I'll be taking those things home. I think I'll try and return them to where I found them. I've been thinking about what I should take from here. What will suggest this place to me when I'm thousands of kilometers away?


Wandering Coyote said...

Woo-hoo! We'll be in the same province again, though alas, I'm sure you're nowhere near my small corner of it. I'm so glad for you and it sounds like a really positive step for you both, especially since you can be transferred.

So when are you moving?

sp said...

We may not be in the same corner of the province, but the gap is a lot less isn't it?

We're moving in October. We don't have a date set yet since we don't have our airline tickets yet. It will all be coming together in the next few weeks.