Friday, August 18, 2006

Marathon by the Sea pics

Here we go. I am no where in this photo, but I like the picture because it gives you an idea of the amount of people running and walking. It's a little bleached out because D. had the camera on the wrong setting. No biggie though since we've still got the picture.

I like this one because it actually looks like I might be running. Many of the pictures I have I look like I'm walking. I know it doesn't really matter. Oh, i also like this one because I'm going up hill which is really hard for me since I'm so so slow on up hills. I feel fine on hills, but am just slow. This hill approaches the Reversing Falls Bridge for those who know the terrain. I have to say that this year that hill felt easier than last year so I suppose that's progress. More hill training in the future(ugh!).

My medal that is given to you when you cross the finish. It's a nice touch and I have this memento of the race.

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red jane said...

What a great medal! Yay! I love it- and I had totally forgot about reversing falls hill. I learned about it as a chils in Nova Scotia...neat!