Friday, September 08, 2006

2 more minutes

This morning I couldn't get into my blog to post so I've been delayed. Now I'm waiting until I leave for job #2 that I was ready for a half hour ago and then realized that my start time was 7:30 and not 7 pm. Hmm.

Packing has been put aside the last few days because I've been too busy and last night I just couldn't face it.

In the garden I see the huge faces of the dahlias leaning towards the house trying to get my attention, trying to get me to come over and really enjoy their splendor. They just keep coming and I only get to see them from afar. Tonight would be the perfect night to sit out on our patio as well. It's balmy out and I imagine the setting sun, candlelight and a glass of wine in my hand. I love those nights and sometimes I never want to come in (until I start missing my kitties of course) and wish the nights could always be so wonderful.

Nostalgic aren't I? I've read somewhere by someone (help me out here) that nostalgia is a kind of homesickness. I'm getting more and more nostalgic lately. I forgive the little annoyances of certain catering colleagues because I know I'll miss their quirks and smiles, their jokes that are crude and obnoxious at times (at most times). Tonight I'll see most of them since I'm about to work a big party at whoville's glitziest store. It's a film festival party and it's big. This should be an interesting night. It will be a long night too. I expect a quiet bike ride home in the late hours. I'll take my time along bloor and take in these moments that are so fleeting but leave me with such impressions, with a feeling of nostalgia.

I'm off. Until next time.

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