Monday, September 11, 2006

Today's list

Shortening my text entries to lists will help me keep connected to my blog since I do have the desire to blog, but also have little time.

return calls to movers/estimate times for evenings
check new listings
order new contacts (update lenses in old frames?)
double check West Jet's cat carrier meas. for carry-on
3rd person for flight?
more stuff to garage
paint mud room (if there's time)
gym? run?
finish clearing out bsmnt mid room for showing
email A. re: Earth shoes location
call Will re: possible Oct dates
groceries (veg pate, vegenaise, celery, luna/clif bars, dental floss, cranb, coffee)

gotta go

1 comment:

red jane said...

Oh, I completely understand the list making. I live by my post it noyes and all the small things I scribble on, plus my daily agenda. It really does help. Tons of things become so much more managable when you see them in writing.