Sunday, September 10, 2006

The posts are becoming text bites. I have no way to put up images with my version of explorer so once again I am relying on the text to do all the work. This is fine for me, but I think images add some colour to the page, no?

Anywho...these fragments of my day or my life attempt to convey what is mostly on my mind or what keeps me preoccupied in the day.

Mom's on the phone. She's just rang and I'm on the phone with her. She's just returned from the Montreal marathon. Her friend ran the marathon. She's an amazing running and really part of my inspiration to start running later in life. I'm excited about living in a place where I can run all year round with out the snow crunching underfoot (not that I really ran in the snow here since we get so little of it, but I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather). Rain I can handle. I grew up in fog city N.B. so I'm use to rain, fog and endless cloudy days. That type of weather actually makes me feel nostalgic.

This morning I didn't run. Our dear sweet 18 year old, Svetlana, wasn't feeling well and I was worried about her. I just wanted to sit with her and make sure she was herself today. She's been vomiting a lot lately and my previous experience with my first cat, Catherine, suggests to me that it's a bad sign. It was a fur ball, but still it really took a lot out of the old girl. I can't help but worry a little about here. After all, she's got this long trip ahead of her and I really want her to travel as comfortable as possible. I'll speak to my vet soon about traveling with Svetlana and possible meds etc. The other two will be fine travelling. There might be some howling or crying, but I know they'll be good girls and they're young and healthy cats so they'll make it okay.

Well, I'm off to grocery shop and then come home and guess what? That's right pack and clean. The realtor is coming this week to photograph the house so it needs to look less like a pit stop and more like a home.

I'm also catering later so it's a full day. I didn't even go into Friday night's film festival party. All I have to say is it's a lot (or a big waste) of work and money for a two hour party for those VIPs. I finished at 3 in the morning, was in bed by four and up again at 7 to go to work. Yee haw!

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