Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Update

Well, the cast has returned, but the crew left again for Montreal. L. has a few days work on a series and an audition in Mtl so I'm back on cat duty! Woo hoo! Red jane has kindly offered some of her free time to help me out because y'all know how busy I've been lately. This week does have a little more breathing space. However, i did want to use some of my free time for things like writing, going to yoga, maybe even see a movie. Imagine. I don't really want to spend all of my free time chasing Rupert and Chengo around and breaking up fights between those pesky boys. I suppose it's a bit selfish. So I am grateful to red jane (i know you're reading rj so thanks in advance!).

I did miss the crazy cast. This week I'm wondering about new conflicts with them. Will Rupert take his medication without tricking me and spitting it out later? Will Chengo win the battle and get to go out late at night? Will Penny try to outsmart me at the door and run for it? Will Prima make a break for it and escape upstairs?

Today I have free time. We're going to Fiesta Farms, my favorite local gardening store. I'm going to add a few annuals to the border garden in the back, just for colour. I don't want to get many perennials since I'll get too attached and we have to move soon. I'm hoping I can take my rhododendron with me. The blooms on it are stunning in April and I'd love it to stay with me. I'm very sentimental about it since it was my first successful attempt at gardening. Also today I'm going to tend to the veggies and seedlings that have sprouted to thin them out a little.

The sky is getting bluer as the day continues and the air is cooler with very little humidity. It's a good day to be on the bike.

The day is mine!


red jane said...

Enjoy the day- see a movie, take the time to do your thing, because it could all go pete tong within a matter of moments; breaks are few and far between. I just saw The Break Up- and I liked it; go figure....and yes, can't ait til tomorrow, between clients, when I'll greet the cast again....

sp said...

thanks red jane! A big thanks! I'll have to bake crumble or some other treat for you -- maybe a LV product coming your way.