Monday, June 12, 2006

Italy wins!

Italy played its first game of the World Cup. I was nervous as usual since games in the past have proven to be frustrating to watch a group of very talented players not live up to their expectations as a strong team.
The game had already started by the time I got home from work. I purposely biked through little Italy just to see the crowds that turned up in the cafes and bars for the game. I rushed home and was seated in time to see most of the first half and the first goal.

In the last world cup my sister and I went to a cafe at six in the morning to get seats (this was when the world cup was in Korea/Japan so the games were at odd times here). It was great fun to watch with a crowd and listen to all the conversations. Saturday we'll be in Montreal for mom's play so I hope to get to a cafe there and watch Italy's next match.

People keep assuming that my choice to support Italy as a team is because of D's Italian background. I chose them before I met D. since I was a soccer fan long before we got together. Afterall, at the serie A club level, he's a Parma supporter and I'm a Juventus supporter. I tell people that when I found out D. was a soccer fan it was just another sign that we should be together. So...Saturday will also be fun because we can watch the game together. Can't wait for more!


red jane said...

You're so much more tolerant than me. I'm just about to write a post on World Cup but alas, I have a moment of peace and quiet so it's escaped my mind....horns blaring, whistles tooting, rigama frigama. Although, I appreciate any other team than Portugal and Brazil these days....4 weeks, huh? Oh boy.

sp said...

Sorry r.j. I think the horns are a bit much myself, especially with certain fans.