Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Party's Over

I made it! I catered every night and worked 4 LV shifts this week. I saw very little soccer (I was home for the Italy game though-- Forza!), very little of the cats, the garden, and D. However, I did an unusually large amount of laundry since I needed my white shirt for catering almost every day (this is rare since we usually wear all blacks), and showered 2-3 times a day (after each shift and a couple of times there was a run in there). I ate pretty well considering the 0 time I had for making my own lunches (thank you D. for vegan bolognese, pizza and stirfry and thank you LV for the potluck Saturday). The week started with a stuffy cocktail party where I had to stumble around an uneven lawn in the dark looking for discarded napkins and wine glasses at the end of the night to...tending a faux kids lemonade stand at the front of a house where i looked absurd at the short table in my tie and was clearly 2 feet taller than I should be for a lemonade stand. Now, the party's over. I'm home. I've got two days to myself to write, draw, garden, clean, read, watch soccer and play with the cats. It sounds like heaven.

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