Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today's Astrology...

this first quote is from a fortune cookie I opened (yes, their vegan!). I wanted to collect popular "words of wisdom" or daily bites of advice and caution from the stars so the rest are bits from the first few lines of various daily horoscopes.

"You are a dreamer, and your thinking is inspirational."

"Remember: your friends are mere mortals just like you. We are all disappointingly imperfect. Whatchyagonnado? That's life. The fact is too many people miss the silver lining in life because they were expecting gold. Oh yeah. Think about it. "

"Buckle up and get ready for a storm to hit -- there is a strong wave of confusion and resentment coming, and you might be right in its path."

"You will have opportunities now to improve your earning potential and family security. Do not spend money frivolously today--there could be some unexpected expenses tomorrow."

" Invite friends or relatives into your home. Don't push your luck with authority. Misunderstandings could cause confusion and upset."

"A string of various aspects flitting in and out today suggest that youĂ­ll be lacking in the necessary energy to take advantage of everything the day might bring, which is plenty. Keep yourself focused (a piece of amethyst might help here) and stay open to the various possibilities."

"You find inspiration from the highest sources to the most unlikely ones. Just remember that this energy can easily go over the top. Remember to take in all the possible perspectives now, not just yours."

"Some very strange and bizarre, yet beautiful dreams could come your way today. You should write them down, as they are trying to tell you something."

"Financial troubles due to an emotional matter will cause worry. You can be helpful without paying for others' mistakes. An older relative will be difficult to deal with. Recruit help from other family members."

"You'll probably have original, unusual ideas in more than one field; hurry to exploit them. In your work, don't hesitate to take some audacious initiatives. Risk of insomnia: go without stimulants and eat lightly in the evening."

"Take a break. A weekend getaway restores your calm MO when work gets crazy midmonth."

I'm taking a break this weekend. Off to Montreal to see mom's play "Gorgeous."

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