Thursday, June 01, 2006

Of an Unknown Origin

Yesterday's blog title came out of a phrasing that stays with me for some reason......

When I was a young teen (a "tween" it's called now) my friend Trina's brother worked at the local movie theatre. There were two theatres in downtown S.J., which makes a total of three screening rooms. Trina's brother let us into the movie for free and we chose theatre 1 out of the two. We saw Of Unknown Origin. This was my first cinema horror experience about a family man in a new home that is ruined by a mutant rat. Suburban vs. Urban I suppose. I can't remember all the details because it was 20 + years ago, but I do remember watching parts of the film through my fingers and screaming with Trina. I was horrified for months following (maybe even years) haunted by images of this giant rat leaving a trail of slime behind it (I'm not sure why this image remains, but probably because it was the most sickening).

So...Of Unknown Origin as a phrase has always stuck with me because it suggests mystery, terror and things that cannot be explained. Okay, so maybe it doesn't fit with the L.V. title of yesterday, but there is a certain monstrosity to the LV consumption that D. and I have participated in. No?

Now some more unexplained fun...
The film was directed by George Cosmatos who was born in Florence, Italy (my favorite Italian city -- but who doesn't love Florence once they've been there). He died in Victoria, B.C. (my favorite Canadian city). It turns out that the film was a Canada/U.S. co-production. I had no idea this was a Canadian content film. When I look at the cast list now, it seems to have been made here in Canada.

So...what does all this add up to? Nothing really. It's kind of neat though isn't it?

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